Adolfo performing at the 2013 Wroclaw Summer SBK Festival

Wroclaw Summer SBK 2013

Summer Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba

2 massive festivals now jam packed into the 1 SUPER festival

Getting there

Flying into Wroclaw airport there is really much option of public transport, so I went by taxi which was 60 Polish Zloty to the Haston City Hotel (it’s on the out skirts of the city)

The Accommodation

The Haston city hotel, plays host to this years festival. Very new and sparking hotel, though room size seems hit and miss, this time I was on the opposite foot and got a small room, but still very nice and comfy bed and great bathroom. Included breakfast was great and lasted all the way to dinner, filled with salmon/eggs/bacon/cakes for breakfast.

If you want to explore the city it’s a tram ride down into the city area, takes about 20minutes, its worth dropping down and seeing Old Town though most of the restaurants in the main square are pretty rubbish!


Sooooo many workshops, each room was nicely split into it’s separate styles, 2 large rooms dedicated to Salsa and Salsa Cubana, another 2 smaller rooms dedicated to Bachata and Kizomba/Zouk/Semba, and it wasn’t just quantity they even had a vast range of styles within those categories.

Kaytee from Italy brought his Hip Hop styled Salsa and Bachata challenging and fun, then we got all close and personal with Porno Bachata workshops with Gabriel & Bego from Spain.

Crazy Shines with Adolfo that were at a break neck speed, they looked fun but unfortunately his intent on powering on left many behind and saw quite a few people abandon his workshops completely, especially when he turned a partner workshop into a shines class.

Then there was really fun and intense choreography workshop with Andrea and Silvia included some nice tricks, would of been great to build on this routine and perform it on an evening show, but alas we got as far as performing it infront of the group.


Some really amazing shows on each of the evenings, standard sit down affair but with the elevated stage it was really well done, some really different shows and also show casing some of Poland’s up and coming talent was great.

Each night there was about an hour of performances hosted by the an excellent Master of Ceremonies (I can’t remember the little guys name!)


Dancing on the boat for the PreParty of the 2013 Wroclaw Summer Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba Festival

Dancing on the boat for the PreParty of the 2013 Wroclaw Summer Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba Festival

The pre party on the boat was a bit slow starting off but once it got going, it was a rocking event (not too rocky thankfully as we were on a boat!). It was a smallish event on the boat, but given the boat capacity this was well considered.

Moving onto the festival I floated between the Salsa LA/NY and Bachata room and there was generally very even numbers, I had alot of fun and interactive dancers, recent festivals have brought to my attention that this is actually a major point, but the people who attended the Summer SBK festival were all fun and many great dancers to found on the dance floors.

Parties started at 9pm and generally filled up pretty fast as people headed down from their hotel rooms above, most started filtering out home around 2am. On Sunday night only half the rooms were available, given the reduced crowd  a very understandable option which led to alot more floating as the music style changed in each room.

On the final night they had a dance off between guys and girls, extremely fun to watch and really wish I had chosen to participate in the related workshop, I still say the guys won! (Though clearly the girls were far hotter)


A fun and relaxed festival with always something to do, nothing felt rushed. A live band could of added a bit more to the parties but that said the DJ’s did a fantastic job during the evenings. Choice of associated hotel was great value, getting pizza delivered in the evening was a god send for those of us who rested rather than eat dinner.

The payment system for drinks I found weird… you purchased tokens from 1 person and the person next to them sold you drinks that you paid for with tokens, unsure what the point of the system was, still drinks and food were readily available at the bar throughout the evenings.

Size of the event was on a good size, not overly crowded that you couldn’t find people and not so quiet that you had lack of dances partners available.